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Please read over the terms below before commissioning me.

By working with me you understand and agree to these terms.
If you have any questions regarding them, or need clarifications, by all means feel free to ask via email.

Thank you!


All orders will require the following information before invoicing:

  • A valid email to contact and bill to.

  • Flat colored, easy to read, watermark-free reference(s).

  • What you are ordering, and details of that order.


  • NSFW.

  • Any harmful depiction/hateful ideology.

  • Cluttered or details where it's difficult to make out shapes and forms.

  • Text-only, small, or difficult to read references.


  • You must be 18 years or older to purchase, or commission artwork from me.

  • Payment must be sent upfront via invoice within 48 hours after being sent. No payment means no artwork being worked on or given to you, and a loss of your slot claim.

  • No invoice will be sent in my name by any third party including friends and family. Invoices will only be sent to the buyer's confirmed email; payment will not be accepted by that of friends/guardians/relatives/etc. No exceptions.

  • Quote prices are valid for up to 90 days from the initial time it was issued. Pricing may change after the allotted time has expired, and the commissioner did not follow through with the commission.

  • Full refunds may be issued before I begin working on the art, or if there was no progress after 25 days have passed since the previous update. Refunded projects will then be reworked, and resold as a YCH (Your Character Here) for other customers to purchase if, and when applicable.

  • Partial refunds are given to commissioners that wish to cancel the project, but would like to keep the art that I've provided them for personal use only. Refund amount depends on how much work is provided at the time of the request.

  • Refunds will absolutely not be given out after the artwork is complete. No exceptions.

  • In case of emergency, I am entitled to cancel at any moment given I refund full price.


  • I will continue to update the client about the art project from beginning to end where and when applicable.

  • The client may not rush the artist, but asking for progress, or how the piece is going is more than acceptable.

  • The client may ask for reasonable edits within the duration of the project at anytime. After 75% of work is completed major changes will not be accepted and made. Mistakes made by the artist are the exception to major changes done after 75% work is completed, but only if the client provided correct information prior to the error.

  • If the client hasn't responded to a message containing WIPs (works in progress), or a final draft after 14 work days of first being sent out, a follow up message will then be sent. If there is no response to the follow up message within 7 more work days, the commission will either be considered "complete" for pieces in the final draft phase, or "abandoned" for WIP phases.

  • Commissions considered "Abandoned" can resume production if the client responds within a 30 day period after being labeled abandoned.

  • If there are no responses after 30 days the "Abandoned" commission will be refunded, and reworked to be sold as a YCH (your character here) piece for other customers to purchase.


This section applies to clients, as well as any person, or entity.

  • I, the artist, maintain the right to refuse and decline a commission as I see fit.

  • Commercial usage of my artwork is prohibited. My art pieces may not be used to make a profit, this includes being used for blockchain-related technology. Artwork may only be used for personal usage only.

  • The art may not be edited, resold, or reproduced in any way.

  • The commissioner must place proper artist credit if the artwork to their devices and reuploads the image(s) created for them.

  • I contain all rights to what I create, and may use the artwork for promotional purposes or other uses.

A picture of zilla holding a vertical canvas with the word "ART" painted on it


Prices listed here reflect private commissions, which are meant for any private person looking for artwork to be made for personal use or personal projects. If the above statement applies to you: Select the commission type below for more information and pricing. Please take the time to read over my Terms of Service before placing an order. Thank you!

If you are looking for artwork for a commercial project, please contact me via email.

A picture of Zilla jumping forward face left with his arms flying up and his right leg forward
Petite doodle sample


Small, cute simplified drawing of a character on a small 200x200 px canvas.

Starting at $15

A doodle of a psyduck


Doodles are for those who want something bigger than petites, but keep the same style!

Starting at $25

Chibi art of a white lion character with lavender hair and accents belonging to a client


For those who would like more details than petites and doodles offer!

Starting at $40

Illustration sample


Bigger sized canvas, stylized character art. For those who want more in their art.

More info coming soon.

Flat Color: $40Simple BG: $10
Shading: $25Scenic BG: $25+
Additional Character: $30Complex Props: $15

Chibi are a cute, simplified full body illustration of a character. The drawing can be flat colored, or fully shaded. Lines can be fully colored, or have a black or darker outline.

Props may be included with no additional fee, however complex props may add to the price.

Solid, Simple, and Scene backgrounds can come with a transparent version if asked for. Detailed scene pricing depends on how complex the background will be.

The default size of the image is 1200 x 1200 px, but can go up to 1600px.
This is a digital product, meaning a physical copy will not be included.

➤ Fill An Order Form

Simple Character: $25Simple Background: $10
Complex Character: $35 

A cute, simplified full body illustration of a character with very simple, solid eyes just like petites but bigger images. Lines can be fully colored, or have a black or darker outline to make the image pop. Very minimum or no shading as I see fit. Simplified or omitted details for more detailed characters.

Simple props may be included with no additional fee.
Simple backgrounds can come with a transparent version if asked for.

The size range of doodles can be anywhere from 800px to 1500px both width and height wise.

This is a digital product, meaning a physical copy will not be included.

➤ Fill An Order Form
➤ Order on Ko-Fi

Each Character: $15*Complex Characters: $25

Petite Doodles are a small, simplified image of a character. Very minimum or no shading, and highlights added as I see fit. May be drawn with simplified, or omitted details when necessary. This style works best with simpler looking characters. Only very simple posing for character pairs.

Warning: ETA of completion varies since I work on these in between other pieces, and may have a long queue. By commissioning me you understand that it will take some time to get to yours. If you need it by a certain day, please let me know at least 15 work days ahead of the selected date before completing payment.

*Characters are considered complex if they have multiple appendages, limbs, or contain a large amounts of small details. A pair of wings is fine, but multiple sets will be considered complex.

This is a digital product, meaning a physical copy will not be included.
The default size of the image is 200x200px, while pairs will be 400x200px. This is non-negotiable.

➤ Fill An Order Form
➤ Order on Ko-Fi

If you have a question not located here please send in an email.

Are commissions open?
You can check the status on my social media accounts, and the commission page will normally state so. If you aren't sure you can always ask.

What currency do you take?
USD only!

Do you take paypal?
I normally do!

Why aren't more art options available?
I may no longer want to work with them, or they're listed for a limited time. If that's the case you may or may not see it again in the future, so grab one while you can when it's available.

May I ask for a price quote?
Yes! Please send in an email with as much information you can give me. I may ask questions before giving you a price. Given quotes may only be valid for up to 90 days after they were issued, and will expire if you do not follow through. Pricing may change after expiring.

Do I have to tip/donate to you?
Not at all, but I appreciate it a whole lot if you do! I have the option there for those who may want to send me that extra support.

Can I ask for something different/specific not listed?
Sure! Just send an email.

May I use your art?
I do not allow my art to be used for edits, monetization, blockchains, or redistribution. With credit you can use my art for wallpapers, icons, or headers as long as it isn't my personal art or commissioned pieces that weren't made for you specifically.

May I repost/reupload your art?
I would prefer you didn't, but if you do please properly credit me. If you're a commissioner and would like to reupload the piece you commissioned, by all means feel free to as long as you properly credit me.

Will you take art requests or trades?
Most likely not unless I post about them, or I offer them to you first.

What art program do you use?
Currently PaintTool Sai and Clip Studio Paint for pretty much everything.

Hello! I go by Lost or Losty. I'm a 28 year old, non-binary Mexican American artist located on the west coast. I'm self taught and still learning, enhancing, and exploring my artistic skills and creativity.

You will mostly see animals and cutesy art in general from me, but I like to experiment with my art and style whenever I get the chance.

Unless I specify otherwise, do not assume you can use or repost my art and/or characters.

AnimalsAnthro animalsCartoon/chibi stylesHumans/humanoid creaturesAll kinds of creatures

Commission workGoatlingsOriginal character design and illustrationAdoptables

HandsWeaponryArmorVehicles / MachineryRealism

The schedule below displays all my general working hours, including when I'll respond to your message(s). Business will be conducted only during the displayed hours.

Time zone: Pacific Standard/Daylight Time.

Schedule may change or be delayed due to real life events or technical errors. You can check my trello for real time public updates.

Flat Color: $75Transparent/Solid: $0
Shading: Additional $30Simple: $10
Additional Character: $75Scene: $25+

A full body illustration of a character. Lines can be fully colored, or have a black or darker outline. Very minimum or no shading as I see fit. Simplified or omitted details for more detailed characters.

Simple props may be included with no additional fee.

Solid and Simple backgrounds can come with a transparent version if asked for.

The default size of the image is 800 x 800 px. Custom sizing is available, but will not exceed  1,0

This is a digital product, meaning a physical copy will not be included.

Looking for bases? Maybe you want a premade character design? I got exactly what you're looking for! Check out my shop at any of these locations.